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Club Cherokee is structured as a non-profit, equity-based corporation, where each member owns one share of corporate stock.   Membership is open to students and experienced pilots, and each member is an equal partner in the club and has equal input in how the club is run. A Board of Directors is elected by the general membership each year and represents club members in all decisions and policy making. This equal share value allows individuals to experience flying without a long-term financial commitment.  Club Cherokee maintains a low member-per-airplane ratio, making it easy to schedule a plane through a popular web/phone based scheduling system.

Additionally, immediate household family members are allowed to fly, enabling them to begin flight training or expand their flight skills at a very affordable rate.


All members have full 24×7 access to the club’s entire fleet of aircraft*, and have the ability to reserve aircraft and instructors in advance via a popular web-based system.  Any aircraft may be reserved for multiple days** while rental fees accrue only when the aircraft is in operation.***

Membership Initiation

The initial “buy in” of one share of corporate stock is required to become a member.  The value and price of that stock is calculated annually and represents the fair market value of each members’ pro-rata share of the club assets including aircraft, hangars, and other supporting infrastructure and equipment.    Each member is invoiced on a monthly basis ongoing for membership dues, and for any usage of aircraft.

Membership Costs

As of 9/20/2022, the fair market vale for one share of Club Cherokee Corporate stock is $7,100. Ongoing monthly membership dues are $135****.  Aircraft rental/usage fees are outlined below.

Aircraft Rental/Usage Fees

Aircraft rental/usage fees are calculated per hour of tachometer time, plus each hour of aircraft rental/usage incurs an automatic fee for fuel.  Aircraft rental is subject to sales tax.  Aircraft rental/usage fees and fuel fees vary by aircraft, and reflect our long-term analysis of the operations and maintenance costs required per hour as well as the average anticipated fuel burn per hour. *****

 Aircraft Hourly Dry Rate Gallons/hour
Piper Warrior-II $43.00 8.8 gph
Piper Archer-II $45.00 10.1 gph
Piper Dakota $65.00 13.0 gph
Piper Saratoga SP $80.00 16.0 gph
Rates Effective: 2/28/2022
* Certain experience, insurance, and currency pre-requisites may exist to gain and retain access to certain aircraft.
** To ensure fairness and availability of aircraft, limits as to the duration of multi-day reservations are applicable.  
*** Aircraft rental fees are based only upon tachometer time.   Fuel fees are based upon the average club fuel price for that month and are subject to frequent change. 
**** Monthly membership dues are subject to change based upon action of the Board of Directors, but have remained constant for several years.  
***** Hourly dry rates are subject to change, generally on an annual basis,  based upon experience gathered over the course of the prior year.