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Fleet Information


If you’ve never been in the left seat, or have been PIC for years, Club Cherokee’s diverse fleet of six aircraft specifically chosen to satisfy the reasons you want to fly. Our aircraft have been all over North America, and are waiting to help you realize your aviation adventures and goals (or maybe just to help you get your feet off the ground for a while).

Nothing is more important than safety, which is why Club Cherokee aircraft are professionally inspected and maintained including everything from oil changes to annuals and engine rebuilds.  All aircraft are IFR certified and have dual VORs, dual NAV/COM, JPI and a consistent panel layout designed to make rotating between aircraft as simple for the pilot as possible.  Every aircraft except the entry-level Warrior has a Garmin moving map GPS and an auto-pilot, and scheduling of aircraft is achieved through a popular online system you can access from anywhere, including an app for your phone.   Select the aircraft that meets your needs and take to the sky!

Description Aircraft Specifics
N100JG is a Piper Saratoga SP. This 300bhp, six-seat, high-performance workhorse offers a large, comfortable cabin, plus nearly 1000 pounds of passenger and cargo capacity** even when its tanks are filled to the top (1322lbs useful load!). If you need to bring the whole family plus their bags, this beast will get you all, and all your stuff, there in comfort and style.  And at 160kts true airspeed, it's no slouch. Piper PA-32R-301 "Saratoga"saratoga_wire saratoga_graph
N9461C and N641CC are sister-ship PA-28-181 Piper Archers.  At 180bhp and offering approximately 700 lb of people and cargo carrying capacity with full fuel, these aircraft are a perfect combination of economy, performance and payload to get you and friends or family across the state or across the country.   The Archers fly with the stable, predictable ease of the Warrior, but give you a little extra juice to bring a smile to your face.  Best of all, at just $0.75 per operating mile*, you wont break the bank while perfecting that grin. Piper PA-28-181 "Archer" archer_graph
N610CC is a Piper Warrior II.  This inexpensive, indestructible aircraft is perfect for building proficiency on the way to your getting your Private, or a great way to clock hours and shoot approaches chasing an Instrument Rating.  Even when your training is complete, this the perfect aircraft for those $100 hamburgers,  or for just keeping current.  Flying doesn't have to be expensive, and our Warrior proves it! Piper PA-28-161"Warrior" warrior_graph
N2904R and N845D are Piper Dakotas.  These conventional-gear aircraft are perfect for a family cross country trip. Whatever the load or mission, the Dakota can handle it. Piper PA28-236 "Dakota"

* Cost per nautical mile calculation is based upon the combination of aircraft dry rate, cruise speed, and fuel @ $5.00/gallon.  Actual cost will vary based upon the price of fuel.

** Cargo capacities shown reflect remaining useful load when filled with fuel.  Greater loading is possible by offloading fuel.